Zitlali Yunuhem

Loteria Series

Loteria Series

Limited edition, ongoing diptych series re-imagines the iconic imagery of the traditional Mexican bingo game, "La Loteria."  Recreated game pieces are accompanied by original poetry, written in Spanish, that provide context or back stories for each character.

El Corazón (The Heart)

mi corazón
necesita oxígeno
no me dejan respirar
Assata susurra
"R/evolución es amor"
si me matan
canten mi nombre
ahí seguiré
montado en la exhalación
fortificado por el oxígeno de la esperanza
viviendo en la fuerza del amor
my heart
needs oxygen
they don't let me breathe
Assata whispers
R/evolution is love"
if they kill me
sing my name
there I'll keep on
mounted on the exhale
fortified by the oxygen of hope
living in the power of love

La Calavera (The Skull)

The skull has no feelings
The skull thinks not of the future
The skull sits in the shade
With every movement of the sun
Reflects on its immortality
Takes swigs of alcohol
Consumes toxic clouds
Criiick goes the knees
Meanwhile tension resides between soles of its feet
And the earth
No one looks    No one sees
Only the tongue of the serpent feels
Wind passes through hollow bones
Spider webs
Silky the string that diffuses apathy
Only to remind it
That without skin
There is no ecstasy

La Araña (The Spider)

The spider
is found
laid out
underneath the sun
basking in her own company
she says
i give life and no one compares to me
her daughters
get close
looking for the heat of love
they get burnt
looking for the light
black eyes
the light gives life
but the heat